Gregory Rowe jr , a.k.a. OG Flawliss

VP / Program Director Air & TV Personality

Gregory Rowe jr , a.k.a. OG Flawliss, has poured his heart and soul into the music game for the past 15 years. From dominating street ciphers at LA's well renowned "Project Blowed" hip hop work shop, (which helped develop well known hip hop star Kendrick Lamar and many more), to opening for the hottest artists, such as French Montana and Ceelo Green, Flaw is currently in talks with comedian Katt Williams who discovered the artists' talent at a live performance in Hollywood. OG was most recently mentioned in "LA WEEKLY" (magazine) as  the best freestyle rapper in los angeles area by long time friend artist "Nocando" as the artist wrote a blog honoring his most influential artist in his career. OG has created a buzz internationally as well with his song "Ms. Applebottoms" which has generated over 80 million hits worldwide as well as over 10 million downloads. He has performed in over 50 venues throughout the United States, his performance held at Hollywood's Zen Sushi Bar, proved that he belongs in the national spotlight with over 2000 guests in appearance. He also performed internationally at The Domains in Vienna, Austria, a major facility.The turnout was a tremendous sight to see as the locals embraced the up-and-coming star with plenty of love as he had the entire crowd in awe of his every word... Flawliss career was on a crash course to major success until.... On November 2, 2006, Flawliss suffered a near life-ending experience. While making his way to the studio at around 1:00 am, Flawliss was approached by two unknown individuals with nothing more than hate on their minds. Standing about 5 feet away, one of the men pulled out a gun, exchanged a few racist words and proceeded to fire. One bullet entered his stomach and the other in the lower back. Flawliss was rushed to the hospital and after being comatose for 7 days. He woke up. Flawliss eventually lost everything and even became homeless do to these events ... He vowed that he would make it to the top! Univeristy of Toronto professor Jooyoung Lee felt so intrigued by this event that he wrote a nationally accredited (collegiate edition) book about the artist's story called "RAP DREAMS -blowin up in the hood", released in 2015. Flaw explains, "Life is beyond just rap... It's about changing the world for the better". Allhiphop.comsaid, "He uses many styles and has a unique delivery that brings the audience into his personal world." His influences include the late Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, Nas, and Biggie. When compared to these rappers, one will notice that lyrically he is on their level and ready to take on this music industry at full fledge. Big Flawliss is now GENERAL MANAGER & PROGRAM DIRECTOR/ AIR PERSONALITY, HOST , ARTIST , ACTOR , ACTIVIST and  valued EXECUTIVE member of the Splassher Inc. team be on the lookout for this up and coming star. 

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